Archive | March, 2012

James Roland: Aspiring Gospel Artist

Anyone who devotes a discernible amount of their talent to this underpaying genre is almost sure to get a listen from me, out of moral support. I just happened to come across James Roland, a self-starter in the biz, and gave a quick listen. The basic track is appealing, even if it is a little […]

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Ummm … Halle?

French guys have a lot to brag about right now. First “The Artist” swoops into Hollywood and almost pillages the Oscars, in true victor fashion. Big ups to Mr. Dujardin (ooh la la) who won for best actor. Now another Frenchman, Olivier Martinez, is about to carry off another Hollywood prize, our dear Ms. Halle […]

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These Two Are Absolutely Adorable

Gentle readers, I normally get incensed whenever I hear about a man beating a woman’s face. This morning, though, I got bored/sleepy on the train ride into the city, so I ended up trolling YouTube until I came across this video. They are very entertaining and too cute, don’t you think? He’s there, bungling the […]

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