I Blame the Melanin

Hey blog readers, it’s been a while.  I blame the pregnancy hormones — not the baby directly, mind you! Baby Silk is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t express how much I ran around my bedroom like a NUT when the EPT test screen read: ‘pregnant’. It was like opening the most amazing Christmas/Birthday gift EVER. I think I’ve just about adjusted to the hormonal changes that keep me sleepy or itchy or bloated or craving thick slabs of crispy bacon. All the time.  

Anyway, on a day that I went to a doctor’s office for an important baby-related sonogram, Hubby called to tell me about this column in our local newspaper, about a profoundly gifted youngster named Dakota. He gets a mention here because his parents fit the theme of this blog. Imagine being so smart — no, brilliant — that grownups have a hard time figuring out what to do with you. Where does that sort of intellectual ability come from, anyway? Being a person who cannot get through the day without a saucy quip, I say it’s the melanin. 

Despite the family’s difficulties, I’m sure that things will eventually turn out very well for young Dakota. And his sister Jewel. 

Dakota started college at 9, in Colorado, one of many stops the Killpacks made searching for a school for him. They moved to New Jersey, primarily because of the willingness of Middlesex to take Dakota and accept credits earned elsewhere.

“We didn’t plan on this kind of life,” says Patricia. “We thought that, when it was time for him to go to school, he would start kindergarten like everyone else.”

But, of course, most kindergarten children were not — as was Dakota — reading Alex Haley’s “Roots” for enjoyment.

The article was published on June 2, which means I should have posted a long time ago!  So sorry folks, but the office visit distracted me in a big way. Once I looked at those images of Baby Silk on the screen, stretching, curling up, opening her/his mouth, putting her/his thumb in her/his mouth, I was a complete and certified goner.  Besides, which would you rather have? A mother-to-be constantly gushing about the most beautiful, sweet, adorable baby-to-be, or a blog about interracial dating?  

Thought so. Now let me try to put Baby Silk in perspective and get back to writing about my 1,000 opinions about the world!