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He Might Not Think You’re A Sex Worker. He Just Might Be Into You

In this personal essay, a Black woman tells Jezebel that she has resigned herself to having a lower chance at love, passion and companionship in the U.S. because of racist dating attitudes here. Is it fatalistic thinking now that Black women are confident in themselves more than ever?

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Here We Go Again: Backlash Over TV One Sitcom Calls It ‘A Wrap’ On Black Women

TV One has a new sitcom about a ‘family curse’ that results in the women having unplanned pregnancies on their 16th birthdays. Does this make Black women look as dumb as rocks? Nope, and here’s why:

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#BlackLivesMatter, Just Beware the Misogynegro

For reasons that no rational person will ever be able to work out, a specific strain of Black men have intensified their campaign of railing against an oppressive white regime, proclaiming that #BlackLivesMater, while promoting hatred of Black women.

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