Empties: The B.O.M.B. Edition

It’s one thing to be a beauty vlogger who jumps on a trending tag to raise awareness of your channel, and quite another to be an Afrocentric consumer. Here are the B.O.M.B. products that were so good that I hit pan, pumped out the very last drop of foundation, and scraped the insides of the tube of mascara to get every last bit.

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Black Twitter: Season 3, #BlackPlotTwists

Black people are never bored. That’s because we have everything: the Cradle of Mankind, the richest man in all of history, One of the greatest U.S. Presidents. What we don’t have is any chill whatsoever. And on that note, I turn the service over to Black Twitter.

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The Other End of ‘Race Bending’

I’m ambivalent about this whole “race bending” contagion spreading through the entertainment industry right now. When a Black actor wins a role from a screenplay where the race or ethnicity of a character hadn’t been established, that is a case of pure merit. I draw the line at switching the race of iconic characters whose backgrounds were clearly and reasonably understood.

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Ladies, We Need to Talk. About Graciousness

American society filled out Chivalry’s death certificate decades ago, presumably because any public behavior that put women in high regard and placed a high value on their comfort and well-being was supposed to be condescending and suspicious.

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BWWM Valentine

He Might Not Think You’re A Sex Worker. He Just Might Be Into You

In this personal essay, a Black woman tells Jezebel that she has resigned herself to having a lower chance at love, passion and companionship in the U.S. because of racist dating attitudes here. Is it fatalistic thinking now that Black women are confident in themselves more than ever?

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Here We Go Again: Backlash Over TV One Sitcom Calls It ‘A Wrap’ On Black Women

TV One has a new sitcom about a ‘family curse’ that results in the women having unplanned pregnancies on their 16th birthdays. Does this make Black women look as dumb as rocks? Nope, and here’s why:

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Notice that the ideal male ruler has a "chocolate" complexion, and his so-called Queen is significantly lighter?

#BlackLivesMatter, Just Beware the Misogynegro

For reasons that no rational person will ever be able to work out, a specific strain of Black men have intensified their campaign of railing against an oppressive white regime, proclaiming that #BlackLivesMater, while promoting hatred of Black women.

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How Did #OscarsSoWhite Get So Messy?

Since this is the second year of exclusively white Oscar snubs, Jada Pinkett Smith thinks that doing not much is not an option, and some think she took to social media to do too much.

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NYTimes: David Bowie, the Legendary Musician, Has Died at 69

He was that strange, brilliant artist who did and said things to make us uncomfortable; to make us think. So I understand the widespread grief and shock at the passing of David Bowie.

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It’s A Swirlers’ Baby Boom!

If these parents are any indication of how biracial kids are being brought up, then we can expect a brighter future for this country, I think.

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Thanksgiving With Black Families

Updated: Found this hash tag on Twitter today,  #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies … When you head to the fridge for the leftovers ya Grandma packed up for you#ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies pic.twitter.com/B2qB1PvkZv — Xaytone (@XLNB) November 28, 2015 It ain't over #ThanksgivingClapBack #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies pic.twitter.com/rmAM8dA4EM — A. Cedric Armstrong (@cedteaches) November 27, 2015 I can't deal 😂😂 y'all have NO CHILL #ThanksgivingClapBack […]

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Raising Dion: A new comic series reflecting America, and how it could be

Like most African-American women, I put down my last comic book at around the same time I reached for my first bottle of perfume, thinking that I was appropriately putting away childish things. Turns out I never really had to make that choice.

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Face it, racists: you wrecked our past and have no future

Moments after Star Wars devotees sniffled through watching the Star Wars VII trailer, they composed themselves and got onto social media to share their experience, they encountered this: #BoycottStarWarsVII. It’s a protest from a handful of racist White supremacists who cannot abide the idea that a Black man was cast as a storm trooper, that a white […]

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Jill Stewart black and white splattered gown with wrap &amp pin neckline and high slit 
Cost: < $120

My Top 10 Consignment Scores

A funny thing happened to my wardrobe after I got married, bought this house with Hubby, and we had a child. The amount of money I spent on myself dropped off dramatically, and I saw an inverse relationship between the amount of money I spent on my new clothing and accessories purchases, and the name-brand quality of […]

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