Here Come the Brides

Everybody loves weddings — or they should! For the typical woman, her wedding dress will probably be the only couture gown that she ever owns. And don’t be fooled by his practicality and cynicism toward fluffy wedding acoutrements. Guys really do love to see their only honey walk toward them in that dress! And think of the music, the dancing, the food — the chance to express your personality in a day of romance and fun!

Cascya Charlot and Thomas Ludwig recently got married on a former plantation in the Virgin Islands. Way to reclaim the soil, sister girl!


Cassandra and Garrick


Her dad is a retired mechanic and her mom is a retired nurse. I could plunder the many metaphors that apply here, such as keeping a marriage healthy and making sure things run smoothly. But I won’t get corny. Have a happily ever after guys!


Margaret & Christopher

Maggie & ChrisLet me just say that anyone who tries to bad-mouth the love connection between these two had better be prepared to tangle with the NYPD! And what they do with those cuffs in their cherished time together in the privacy of their home is their own bid-ness. Best wishes, Maggie & Chris.


Sabrina & Jamie

Sabrina & Jamie

Overachieving couples like this sometimes make me want to take a refresher course in something. The trouble is I can never decide what to study! I’ll say this about Sabrina, she’s one smart cookie: she married a writer who happens to have a lucrative day job as a safety net. Have a wonderful life, guys!


Tracey & Christopher


When I sat down with the Style section of The New York Times on Sunday morning, I read part of this announcement out loud over a breakfast bagel with Hubby and my father-in-law sitting nearby. (The in-laws were in town for Baby’s christening. Wait until you see the dress!) These two are practically New York City nobility, for goodness sake. How much more connected can you get, being the daughter of a man who runs a development corporation and former commissioner for the mayor? With connections like those, they are sure to crop up in other parts of the newspaper down the line. At any rate, bon chance, cheries!


Lisa & Roger

Lisa & RogerI love outdoor weddings. That’s how I got married. In this couple’s case, they did their nuptials on a farm. He’s a doctor, specializing in medical research and she is an artist. It almost seems like a very ying-yang, left-brain right-brain pairing to me, so that should make life interesting. If they ever come to an impasse arguing over this or that, I say they should call a time out and review photos from their wedding on a farm, which I’m sure was beautiful. That should set things right again. Congratulations Lisa and Roger!


Danielle & Parminder

Danielle & Parminder

While scanning the nuptials pages this morning, I almost blew past Danielle and Parminder, because they looked like a wholly Indian couple, at first glance. But I took a second look at Danielle’s pretty smile and distinctive nose and read further. With a surname like Jackson, and credentials from Spelman and Morehouse colleges, she had to be black, right? This is cool, as it gives a much broader meaning to the term ‘sister’. With her smile, and their combined credentials, these two are sure to give the world beautiful kids, and a few scientific breakthroughs on the side! Have a beautiful and happy life, guys.


Elena Fitzpatrick and Justin Sifford-Angotti

This is the power couple—of academics and art, that is. She is a student of art history pursuing a doctorate in that field, and he is an English teacher. Some of my favorite people are teachers, and apparently, they feel the same! All the very best to them.


Gyna Villard & Micah Uhrlass.

I had a difficult time grabbing a photo of them for the listing last week, but I’ve succeeded this time. It seems like they had a preacher from the Christian Brethren Assemblies officiate at their church wedding. I was nowhere near Gyna and Micah’s wedding, but if they are a pious as they are happy looking, one can safely guess that their wedding included a reading of this popular nuptials passage from Proverbs 31:10 “Who can find a virtuous wife? For her price is far above rubies?” Have a rich and highly favored life, kids!


Uchenna Hicks & Steven McFarland

These two are in the communications business. Hicks is a media and community relations manager for the New York Times and he is a systems analyst handling internal communications for a financial services firm in New York. Hmmm. Ordinarily, the cynic in my would raise eyebrows at two people uniting troubled industries—financial services and newspapers—into one marriage. But they are both good communicators, presumably, so they might already have one huge relationship building block in place. Good luck on your new lives together!


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  1. Hi!

    Just to say I loved the pics, the descriptions, and I wish all these couples the best of luck.

    Nice blog!

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