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Empties: The B.O.M.B. Edition

It’s one thing to be a beauty vlogger who jumps on a trending tag to raise awareness of your channel, and quite another to be an Afrocentric consumer. Here are the B.O.M.B. products that were so good that I hit pan, pumped out the very last drop of foundation, and scraped the insides of the tube of mascara to get every last bit.

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But Where is the Music?

The Houstons: On Our Own reality TV series wrapped up a couple of nights ago, leaving behind unfinished story lines and failing to convince a creeped out, skeptical viewership, at least on my part, about the wisdom of doing this.  I didn’t watch much of the 14 hours of programming that they cobbled together raiding […]

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Ummm … Halle?

French guys have a lot to brag about right now. First “The Artist” swoops into Hollywood and almost pillages the Oscars, in true victor fashion. Big ups to Mr. Dujardin (ooh la la) who won for best actor. Now another Frenchman, Olivier Martinez, is about to carry off another Hollywood prize, our dear Ms. Halle […]

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