Guess Who Got Married? Katie and James!


Kathryn, known as “Katie” Rost and a doctor named James Orsini. Apparently, they have been close friends for 13 years, according to the announcement in The Washington Post. So their friends are probably breathing: “It’s about time y’all! We knew something was up when you took that road trip. Yeah right, you’re ‘just friends.'”

I must have been snowed under with work or some other obsession when this was posted, because I just stumbled across this on Sunday afternoon. Can we let bygones be bygones? Let’s also remember that this is not, nor does it aspire to be, an entertainment news or gossip Web site. Generally, I can’t stand those things, because they are far too intrusive, and take a sick pleasure in subjecting famous people to public mockery when they are going through personal struggles. That is exactly the time they should not be on display. Plus, they whip up a lot of confusion in people’s minds about what’s news and what’s not. Hint: Where an actor/actress buys  vegetables or does rehab should not make the wires. Now lifestyle magazines are OK. I’ll take updates on new albums, books and movies, and makeup and fashion tips, so long as the salacious details are left out.

Well anyway, here is a photo of Katie Rost and her brand-new hubby! They will be beautifying Montclair, N.J., and Lincoln, Va., with their combined gorgeousness.


2 thoughts on “Guess Who Got Married? Katie and James!

  1. they have now divorced. divorced in 2013.

    also she is now going to be on bravo’s housewives of potomac.
    i hope james didnt sign off on his kids being on the show.

    • Oh, my goodness. That’s unfortunate — and they had children. I’ll have to look out for the show, I guess, to learn more about her. Wasn’t there a ‘Housewives of DC’ edition?

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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