Share of the Week: A Shea Moisture Makeup Demo

After Shea Moisture announced a new line of makeup, I went looking for tutorials on how women were using the eye shadows, foundations and other products. I wanted to see what real women thought about them before turning my cart down Target’s makup aisle the next time I was there.

I’ve seen one video giving an overview of the line, explaining the range of offerings and quick first impressions. But Destiny Godley’s YouTube channel was the first (in my list of subscriptions, anyway) to feature a tutorial. Here, the L.A.-based makeup artist and beauty expert gives us her first impressions of the Shea Moisture foundation and bronzer. Just one tiny issue … she couldn’t remember the name of the foundation, because she was so enthused to get the product at she tore open the packaging and destroyed it — name and all! LOL. Hmmm. Maybe that item has the scent and hint of chocolate somewhere?

Anyway, here is Destiny Godley’s take on how well the Shea Moisture cosmetics actually work. Enjoy! She seems to give the products a thumbs up.

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