Pop of Color is here to discuss parenting a biracial child and life in an interracial marriage, or serious relationship, both from a Black woman’s perspective. Yes, I know, there are loads of blogs and vlogs like that online. But my marriage is about the slow life in the fast lane. It’s about how I reconcile my church-centered, music-filled, pious, meandering, flavorful and thoroughly complex Caribbean upbringing with my husband’s stick to the basics and get it done approach.

  • I didn’t have to reconcile any conflicting emotions about dating someone who represents “the oppressor,” because I was always too busy trying to make headway on my writing career and figure out low-stress, on-the-go beauty regime.
  • I won’t strenuously proselytize my compatriots to be open to interracial dating, because who has the time to convince women who know what they want … that they should change their focus? Not I! If you know what winds your clock, I say go forth and find that man.
  • And because I know that there are hardships and challenges in store for every relationship, I would rather be honest about how I deal with some of those ups and downs, even in the context of an interracial & cross-cultural relationship. E.G., I was well aware that white men were not “saviors” when I got married, and I’ve never worshipped white men, so spare me the warped, feeble, divisive Hotep bullshit.

But there is fun stuff, too! I’ll show you how I put together a traditional meal good enough to win my aunt’s approval, while juggling a career, family, being a minority and managing two heads of natural hair.

But if you did cross the color line, and you want to join the conversation, jump right in. I’ll be posting kitchen triumphs, things I’ve learned about caring for my daughter’s hair, some travel photos, and other light fare. Because relationship blogs are supposed to be fun!


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  1. Hello!
    I discovered your blog today and just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I am not black – I’m Filipino – but have several black friends. I am also in a mixed marriage, my husband being mixed-race as well, half Chinese, the other half of Irish, English and German extraction. We attended the spring conference of the Social Venture Network where one of the speakers was Lee Mun Wah, whose talk “What Stands Between Us” centered on issues of communicating about race. One of his points was that we need to start asking white people what their ethnic origins are. White needs to be shown as multi-ethnic, not a homogeneous group. When we do this, we start to dismantle the white majority power structure. One other item of interest I learned from Lee is that the fastest growing segment of the population is the mixed-race group. My son and your baby, along with the Blessman’s baby Sam who are part of this group will experience a different America, one which I hope will be more tolerant and inclusive, more just and humane.

    • Many thanks. That conference sounded insightful. Are there Webcasts & replays, maybe? Come back to the site and look around anytime.

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