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Who’s Holding the Purse Strings Anyway?

So there I was, merrily working away in the office when this landed in my ‘Inbox’. We’ve all seen this sort of discussion aired in one way or another on talk shows, in magazines and through any other medium that attracts women. You all can probably guess why I posted it here: are the same […]

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Is That How You Date a White Guy?

In a previous post, I mentioned the release of ‘Kinky Gazpacho’ a memoir from professor and writer Lori L. Tharps.  I had put off starting the book because I was finishing another title at the time. The wait was worth it, and I urge all of you to pick up a copy. It’s not because […]

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Which Couple Is Interracial?

     Michelle & Barack Obama. Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubrey. Both of these couples are attractive and popular for various reasons. You know them on sight. Michelle and Barack are the political ‘power couple’. Between Halle and Gabriel’s genes, I’m sure we’re all waiting to see photos of the world’s most amazingly beautiful baby.  […]

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