Lovely Lupita: 2014’s Most Beautiful Woman

There she is, Miss Africa (yes, the whole continent), Miss Worls, Miss Everything.

The intelligent, beautiful and talented Lupita Nyong’o has just been named People has named the actress and documentary film maker 2014’s Most Beautiful. We can certainly understand what they see in her!


Beauty, brains and heart? No problem.

Congratulations to Ms. Nyong’o for not only taking the world by storm, but being so poised, intelligent and inspiring along the way. This honor says a lot about our acceptance of and comfort with dark-skinned beauty, despite everything around us: the constant onslaught of images reinforcing some people’s preferences for light-skinned beauty, and even a self-loathing so profound that skin lightening and bleaching is so rampant in Africa and the Caribbean.

Africa has been making strides for some years now in the areas of economic resurgence and cultural influence. We’ve had many heroes emerge from that vast and fascinating continent, and Lupita is just the latest in a long line of authors, activists, musicians, economists … the list goes on … who have impressed us and shaped our world. Now Hollywood has its own piece of Africa, and I’m glad she is being treasured.

The nasty, treasonous folks at Black gossip blogs gleefully rub their hands together at the prospect of Lupita’s career faltering once America’s dark-skin fetish fades away. But that will not happen. Sorry. As this worldly woman, who also claims Mexican citizenship, is too special and inspiring to fall into the background.

I usually skip People magazine, the forebear of the degradation of popular American journalism. We certainly have them to thank for the mind-killing gossip rags flooding the newsstands today and keeping the awful Kardashians relevant. But a stopped clock is right twice a day, the saying goes. And they had the sense to catch Lupita right on time.


Share of the Week: A Shea Moisture Makeup Demo

After Shea Moisture announced a new line of makeup, I went looking for tutorials on how women were using the eye shadows, foundations and other products. I wanted to see what real women thought about them before turning my cart down Target’s makup aisle the next time I was there.

I’ve seen one video giving an overview of the line, explaining the range of offerings and quick first impressions. But Destiny Godley’s YouTube channel was the first (in my list of subscriptions, anyway) to feature a tutorial. Here, the L.A.-based makeup artist and beauty expert gives us her first impressions of the Shea Moisture foundation and bronzer. Just one tiny issue … she couldn’t remember the name of the foundation, because she was so enthused to get the product at she tore open the packaging and destroyed it — name and all! LOL. Hmmm. Maybe that item has the scent and hint of chocolate somewhere?

Anyway, here is Destiny Godley’s take on how well the Shea Moisture cosmetics actually work. Enjoy! She seems to give the products a thumbs up.

Then like, comment and subscribe … you know the drill.  🙂


While Dencia Seethes, Lupita Lands Another Cover

Wow, some folks are really sensitive. Like Cameroonian-Nigerian pop star Dencia for instance, who is taking yet another shot at Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o. Readers who are faithfully following this rivalry (Lupita versus who again?) might remember that Dencia took offense to remarks that Nyong’o made in a speech at the Essence luncheon for women in Hollywood. She read a portion of a fan letter, in which the young woman expressed gratitude to Lupita for inspiring her to embrace her dark skin and abandon the idea of buying a skin bleaching cream. Since Lupita’s touching speech, Dencia has made srenuous efforts to take Lupita down.

But it’s not working! Lupita went on to score a lucrative Lancome endorsement deal, and now … the cover of Marie Claire, May 2014. Feast your eyes on her dress, her face, everything …

Lupita Marie Claire May


In the latest catty remarks, again on Twitter Dencia responded to a fan praising Lupita , saying that the actress, who also has Mexican citizenship, represents a brand that sells skin lightening cream. There’s more on this over at The Grio.

Listen folks, there is a vast difference between lightening a few spots on your face to match the rest of your complexion, and considering dark skin impure. The latter is Dencia’s line, which I’m not buying for a minute.

Let’s all just keep rooting for Lupita, OK? She’s on fire, and with her talent, intelligence and good looks, deservedly so.


Lupita, the Newest Lancôme Ambassadress


Black is beautiful. Just ask Lancôme — if you insist. The lovely Lupita Nyong’o was just named brand Ambassadress for Maison Lancôme. So by summer, we’ll begin to see her face in their campaigns for their wide range of beauty products. That means her delicate yet resilient cheekbones, flawless complexion, skin tone and the eyes that project so much intelligence and heart, will be on buses, TV ads, magazine spreads, all of it. We love it, don’t we?

Franchise Lehmann, general manager of Lancôme International, had this to say: “Both talented and committed, true to her African beauty, and showing a great curiosity and open-mindedness in her career choices, Lupita is by essence the Lancôme woman. A strikingly beautiful and intelligent woman, serenely but strongly living her life her own way, Lupita has this special kind of aura both enlightening and deep.”

The Kenyan actress, who also holds Mexican citizenship, joins a small club of other true beauties, including Penelope Cruz, Julia Roberts, and Kate Winslet.

Maybe I’ll have to break down and start adding Lancôme products to my lineup of foundation, powders and eye shadows. I’ve been eyeing the Lancôme walls at Sephora for sometime, anyway. Looks Ike I’ll be trying out some summer shades. 🙂