The 4C Hair Moisture Regime that WORKS

It took a few years of experimentation, wrong turns, and the rediscovery of long-forgotten natural hair care tricks, but I think I’ve come across a moisturizing routine that works for my hair (4C) and Baby’s (3B).


It’s the basic liquid, oil and cream method, or L.O.C., as bloggers and vloggers call it. I’ll just walk through my routine one piece at a time:

Liquid: Shea Moisture – Cocount & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist. This light, great-smelling liquid is Baby’s favorite. She loves the coconut smell, which gives me extra mileage when it’s time to get her to sit down for a hair-grooming session. Between the two of us, we’ll go through a bottle in six weeks.

How to use: I just mist it over my hair in the evenings and the mornings. On Baby, I’ll spritz in a little before running a comb through her hair.

Oil: The mixture in the second bottle, with the green tip, is my own creation. I started with a base of olive and grapeseed oil, then poured in a blend of essential oils including jojoba, Jamaican black castor and sweet almond. The idea was to combine oils that absorb into my hair shaft more easily than most, and don’t necessarily need assistance from a heat conditioning cap. Because I don’t always have time to sit under a heat conditioning cap for 45 to 60 minutes!

How to use: I aim the tip at my scalp and squeeze a small amount right in. I also get my edges. Then I rub in the oil, using the pads of my fingers and going in circular motions. I try to dedicate three minutes to this task, usually while listening to my iPod in the evening or listening to my favorite morning radio show (Yolanda Adams).  (I skip this step for Baby, since her wavy hair is finer than mine and not as thick, so I don’t want to wear it down with unnecessary ingredients.)

Cream: Another homemade creation, and I made a video of it a while ago. This is a quick souffle that I mix up about 3 or 4 times a year, depending on the season. I go through each batch faster in the cold months, using a little in the morning and at night, while I generally ease up in the spring and summer.  I might use the cream primarily at night, and then go with the mist and and the oil in the mornings.

How to use: I scoop out two fingertips full of the cream, rub it in my palms until it becomes more liquified, then rub it into my hair, paying attention to my scalp, edges and the nape. On Baby, I use a smaller amount and follow the same procedure.

I’ve been following this routine since the late spring and all summer, and I’ve noticed growth in my hair and Baby’s. Of course her hair grows faster, and in some spots it is well past her shoulders. I don’t do length checks, but one sure sign of improved hair health: fewer split ends and less breakage.

Sounds like I’ve hit on the right LOC combination that works for us, so I’ll stick to it. I might modify the routine only to substitute my homemade creak for Qhemet Biologics’ Alma Olive & Heavy Cream in the coldest winter months. Of course that would mean Baby’s hair would get the cream only once every 2 or 3 days, and I might have to switch to a more moisturizing conditioner. But our spring & summer moisture routine is down.