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Share of the Week: Watch “DEALING WITH LONELINESS” on YouTube

Patricia Bright is one of the sunniest aspects of life in the U.K., in my opinion. This week on her YouTube vlog, she gives 5 tips on how to overcome loneliness. That’s a great topic, especially for people who live in big cities. You might think that in bustling metropolises like London or New York […]

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Let It Storm: Favorite Frosty Lipsticks to Brighten the Winter Blues

Oh, the weather outside is frightful this winter! New Jersey has been caught up in the conveyor belt of wintry storms in this cycle, and it seems like every week we’ve been hit with snow, sleet and freezing temperatures. So what do you do on those snow days after you’ve worked from home, entertained the […]

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Share of the Week: Ladies of Resistance

Today’s Google doodle features Harriet Tubman, an American-born slave who boldly fled to freedom, became an abolitionist who helped rescue more than 300 from bondage in 19 Underground Railroad mission, and went on spy missions for the Union army during the civil war. This incredible woman was one of the first figures that I, and […]

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