Ummm … Halle?

Juste le regardez! Il se vante, n'est-ce pas?

French guys have a lot to brag about right now. First “The Artist” swoops into Hollywood and almost pillages the Oscars, in true victor fashion. Big ups to Mr. Dujardin (ooh la la) who won for best actor.

Now another Frenchman, Olivier Martinez, is about to carry off another Hollywood prize, our dear Ms. Halle Berry. Access Hollywood and other entertainment news outlets are reporting that Martinez confirmed their engagement last weekend. Apparently, he asked for her hand offering a true one-of-a-kind emerald and diamond sparkler, designed by master ring maker Robert Mazlo. The stone was dug out from a remote location, the setting is unique and the band is apparently engraved with all sorts of symbols personalized just for her. Based on the descriptions of the ring I’m reading, she’ll need a bodyguard just for her left hand!

Yes, yes, we are all aware that this would be a third marriage for Halle Berry, 45. It is a first for Martinez, 46. It is also her fourth serious long-term relationship with a high-profile man, and there’s that child custody issue going on with Gabriel Aubry. Despite all of that, I do wish Ms. Berry well, because I usually enjoy her movies and magazine interviews. Plus, everyone deserves contentment in their romantic relationships, especially when they seem to be such devoted parents, like her. Despite the fact that we don’t know this cat, Halle Berry has repeatedly said in interviews that whoever comes into her life long term must be good for her daughter.

So ignore all the catty comments that are sure to come cackling out of covens round the country. Technically, it’s none of our business and we should all be doing something more productive with our lives, anyway. Those of us with a passing interest in the personal lives of A-list celebrities should simply hope that Ms. Berry has at last found a lasting love.


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