Well Are They Or Aren’t They?

I don’t usually root for celebrity couples, but these two have reeled me in lately. Lupita Nyong’o, the Kenyan Oscar-winning actress, is said to be involved in a budding relationship — or at the very least some heavy flirting — with Oscar-winning actor and musician Jared Leto. How did this rumor start? Probably after the press noticed that these two always seemed to find themselves next to each other at events during the red carpet & award show season. To be honest, Jared has helped keep the rumors afloat by throwing out references to marriage between him and Lupita, and repeatedly complementing her as classy. And Lupita certainly didn’t quell any tittle tattle after posting the now-viral selfies from Paris.

Lupita Nyong'o, Jared Leto

Always the warm, tactile greeting.

Jared Lupita Paris 2014

Let’s just keep things quiet for now …

At the very least, they make a strikingly attractive pair, and the energy and chemistry between them is undeniable. Maybe that’s because each was having an incredible run this season, racking up trophy after trophy for their respective acting roles (“12 Years A Slave” for Lupita, and “Dallas Buyers Club” for Jared). Each is a fascinating person in his/her own right, socially aware, well-traveled, sophisticated world views and Lupita is even more fascinating. She has lived around the world, speaks several languages and has directed a documentary film. I think most people can agree that the attraction is a little heavier on his part. I mean Lupita is the toast of Hollywood as the perfect combination of grace, beauty, intellect and dignity. She is, as Jared put it, “a classy chick,” who just made a virtual clean sweep of her debutante award season, culminating in her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress! Who could blame him if he was falling for her?

Yes, yes, we’ve all seen the counter rumors of a supposed romance between Lupita and K’Naan, a Somali-Canadian rapper. Apparently, they were photographed outside a television studio all hugged up against the chilly weather, and he was carrying her Oscar trophy in a very boyfriend-ish way. Boyfriends carry their girlfriends heavy trophies, apparently. I’m not falling for that one, though. Would a classy girl like Lupita allow herself to be caught in such a public flirtation if she were already in a committed relationship for months? I guess anything is possible, but it’s unlikely.

Smiles, as usual

Smiles, as usual

We’ll just have to wait and see, but around these parts it’s team Jared & Lupita, not even going to lie. It’s worth it for the Lupita tea alone, but together they would be very exciting. They’re so interesting and worldly. A pair like that could accomplish a lot. A lot more than merely owning the red carpets or sitting down for an intimate exclusive with Oprah at their oasis of a home while their kids are tucked away somewhere with the nanny. I see ambassadorships, advocacy and philanthropy. Brains and beauty and charisma like that in one person is breathtaking, but in a couple? Well that’s too good to pass up.

Nope, I’m not gonna miss this ship. All hands on deck to get these two together. LOL!