High Hopes for Naturalistas in 2014


Welcome to the first of what I hope will be a regular new feature: “Share of the Week.” It’s just a quick way for me to drop in a video, Tweet, Instagram or other internet and social media content around our common interests. This week’s pick is from Naptural85, my favorite natural hair care aficionado. She articulates a lot of common sense here where she tells Black women to basically … ease up! Enjoy the natural hair journey and stop nitpicking at each other!

Oh, and if you want your Funny Bone tickled, here is an even lighter take on the situation of “Natural Hair Nazis” (I can’t stand those jack-booted militant types telling me I have to do this or that with my hair. LOL.)


Mellody, Everest and George Out and About

The proud parents of Everest were out and about recently, and they were looking good with that cutie pie!


I had to chuckle at Mellody’s quick style because I have been there with my own daughter. I always side eye glamour shots and cartoon renderings of fashionable moms on the go, toting their tiny ones and tots in one arm, with a stylish bag slung over one shoulder and a couple of shopping bags swinging from her dainty fingers. Their hair and faces are beat to perfection, And they are wearing heels. That might be the reality 20% of the time for a fraction of moms out there, but in the real world we cannot always be Durgas, serenely slaying every aspect of our busy lives.

We can be every woman some of the time. Just not all.