Out Sick

Few things are as irksome, to me, as a blank sheet of paper, an empty journal or a stagnant blog. But I promise you readers, I had good reason to be absent for so long.
I’ve been sick. It seems that I had run myself down and internalized a lot of stressful home situations, so my sickle cell flared up. I had an episode that resulted in a bout of pneumonia and a nine-day hospitalization. The absolute worst part of it all was that I was separated from Baby. It was quite abrupt. I nursed her as part of my regular morning routine, went in to work one morning, fell ill at my desk, then went home and to the hospital. It was awful, and I blame myself for allowing my vigor and stamina to be worn so thin.
Anyway, soon I will get back to the business of posting updates about things that are much more upbeat and interesting. In the meantime, wish me luck (and send suggestions my way) as I try to get back to my pre-crisis lactation volume. This was NOT the way I planned on weaning Baby!