These Two Are Absolutely Adorable

Gentle readers, I normally get incensed whenever I hear about a man beating a woman’s face. This morning, though, I got bored/sleepy on the train ride into the city, so I ended up trolling YouTube until I came across this video.

They are very entertaining and too cute, don’t you think? He’s there, bungling the whole process and globbing the powders and coloring—colouring!!!—onto her face. She’s bearing with him, trying not to wriggle and giggle throughout the whole process. I had to laugh when he started brushing on the gold eye shadow and blew onto her face to get the excess off! Even if the final result was not desirable, you want to just reach out and squeeze them both in a big hug, don’t you?!

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2 thoughts on “These Two Are Absolutely Adorable

    • It’s impossible to please everyone, and you have a right to your opinion. Some of what you saw might have put you off, but I thought most of it was sweet.

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