Face it, racists: you wrecked our past and have no future

Moments after Star Wars devotees sniffled through watching the Star Wars VII trailer, they composed themselves and got onto social media to share their experience, they encountered this: #BoycottStarWarsVII. It’s a protest from a handful of racist White supremacists who cannot abide the idea that a Black man was cast as a storm trooper, that a white man is not the central character, nor does he carry the film.

Because heaven forbid that good, wholesome Americans should be deprived of their escapist fantasy, a world where white men defend and protect the right of white people to exist! To rape, pillage, defame, degrade and destroy any civilization that doesn’t worship them as the darlings of creation.

I don’t know all of the fundamental tenets of Star Wars mythology, but I do know that in a distant galaxy, a long time ago a rather handsome and dashing gambler and mercenary named Lando Calrissian found his moral compass and mounted a daring attack on the second Death Star, and was helpful to the new Galactic Alliance. And looky here, we have a photo of him.

What a handsome fellow! It’s a shame these boycotters couldn’t recognize that the vast galaxy was peopled with diverse populations, and was a rich source of material for Storm Trooper clones. But then again, you can’t expect much from racist mutant inbreds.

Still, I wonder if they don’t have a point in their protest. It appears that intelligent, prosperous swashbuckling Black heroes are just a figment of our imagination. Also, beautiful, brainy and accomplished Black women can only serve on the bridge of intergalactic ships in our dreams.

In our present world, where things really matter, Blacks have “no history,” and there is just no place for Blacks to have real earthly power, much less galactic influence. Right?