IR Couples Have to Laugh at Themselves Sometimes

I watch Sleepy Hollow on FOX. I do. The show hooked me in its first season last year, because it was bat-shit crazy and lots of fun. Rather, it used to be loads of fun in the first season. But then the writers took things too seriously, all kinds of overwrought drama ensued in the second season, and the show lost its verve.

But there were glimmers of the fun from the good old days, like an incident from “Awakening,” (S2:Ep 17) where an enchanted bell rang and that was supposed to awaken all the dormant witches and warlocks in the town of Sleepy Hollow. One couple, a BW-WM, was sitting in a cafe, when he delivered horrific news to his wife: He had gambled away ALL the family’s financial assets. Wiped them out. At that point, the bell rang and, coincidentally, her eyes went all milky white and when she came to her senses she had somehow choked him. Wiped him out!

PUNCHLINE: This hi-larious tweet from Orlando Jones, who is a regular on the cast:

I don’t know who is writing Orlando Jones’ Twitter feed, but I feel so supported. So understood! Sometimes, when you’re talking about these interracial marriages, even when a big fight is about to go down, you need to acknowledge that the wife is justifiably upset. And if you survive the apocalyptic blowup, you’ve got to look back and find the humor in things.