Lupita Delivers Another Beautiful Speech at Glamour Awards

This is becoming a habit.

Lupita attends a high-profile press event or Hollywood award show and delivers a heartfelt and inspiring speech that goes viral. Excerpts (or full videos) are embedded in blogs like this one, and snippets are used for memes circulated on Twitter, in discussion forums and eventually become inspirational quotes. This time, the event is Glamour magazine’s “Women of the Year” awards, and once again Lupita showed up and showed us what true beauty is.

Here’s a link to the full video, with an introduction from one of her early mentors.

Hollywood might be slow to catch on to Lupita’s perfections, but magazine editors really like her. Of course, one notable exception to that is Vanity Fair. Greydon Carter, the editor in chief there, is the beholder through which the magazine’s faithful readers see celebrity life, and he seems to have a general aversion to acknowledging Black beauty front and center too often, lest anyone get any radical ideas about what represents female attractiveness. Well, nevermind all that. Lupita has already had Vogue and Glamour.

And I’d much rather watch a video of hers, because she’s usually up to something intelligent and commendable, than see a creation of plastic surgery and hyper-contouring — and mother who ought to be ashamed of herself — be so desperate for attention that she drops her clothes for a little bit of paper.