Mellody, Everest and George Out and About

The proud parents of Everest were out and about recently, and they were looking good with that cutie pie!


I had to chuckle at Mellody’s quick style because I have been there with my own daughter. I always side eye glamour shots and cartoon renderings of fashionable moms on the go, toting their tiny ones and tots in one arm, with a stylish bag slung over one shoulder and a couple of shopping bags swinging from her dainty fingers. Their hair and faces are beat to perfection, And they are wearing heels. That might be the reality 20% of the time for a fraction of moms out there, but in the real world we cannot always be Durgas, serenely slaying every aspect of our busy lives.

We can be every woman some of the time. Just not all.


4 thoughts on “Mellody, Everest and George Out and About

    • Yep. That’s the cutie’s name. It is an interesting one, and based on an interview Mellody gave, it has some significance for a close friend. She didn’t disclose what that significance was, though. But more to your point, I think it is a little off the beaten path. I like lyrical-sounding African names myself, like “Chinwe.” It means “God’s own!”

      • Im a star wars fan, and married to a black woman. When she realised George was married to a black woman my wife was like ‘look honey!’
        We watch RHOA and dislike Peter also 🙂

      • Yeah, well this whole blog was started from my own ‘look honey’ moments. And on Star Wars, it looks like the script for the first installment of the sequel was completed. Should make for exciting movie going times ahead.

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