Happy International Kissing Day



This morning, Hubby drove me to the light rail station near our house. I gathered up my handbag and tote bag, then pecked him on the mouth before pulling the car door open. Then I made my way to the back of the car, where Baby sat strapped in her car seat, kicking her chubby legs excitedly as I opened the door. I kissed her on teh forehead and she craned her neck forward to pack me on the cheek. Then I headed off to my train, waving and blowing kisses.

This is a normal morning ritual for us, made sweeter because today, July 6, is International Kissing Day. ALso known as World Kiss Day, it originated in the U.K. Now smoochers from all over the world have caught on.  This is a well-timed St. Valentine’s Day refresher and warm up for mistletoe action in December. How lovely, for families all over the world to give a nod to sweethearts, close families and friends who express their mutual affection for each other. Kisses affirm romantic feelings, have magical powers to heal babies’ scrapes and cuts, little kids send their mothers off with them to slay dragons all day at work, and adolescents get them with the blessings of their elders as they head off to leave their mark on the world.

Whatever your reasons for puckering up, cafe visitors, enjoy International Kissing Day. Grab your honey, your toddler, your squirmy teenage daughter’s forehead—whoever it is—some fruit flavored lip gloss and get to it. Happy canoodling!

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