Poor Behavior

Michaele Salahi, wife of businessman Tareq Salahi is right about one thing concerning this party crasher mess. Whoever shows up at a White House state dinner uninvited displays an incredible amount of audacity and ‘poor behavior’. What I disagree with is the notion that they have a great amount of respect for President Barack Obama and his administration.  By all accounts from highly placed people with access to documents and emails, they were not supposed to be at that state dinner. Why are they contradicting that fact so vehemently, going so far as to appear on national television to add further confusion to the situation? You have White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs saying that they were not on any guest list at the White House for the event. Another credible source, for now it seems, is Michele S. Jones, special assistant to the Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon’s White House liaison. She emphatically denies telling them that it was okay for them to come to the event. Yet the Salahis sit there on television implying that everyone else is lying and that they had the right to walk into the White House and mingle with dignitaries as invited guests. You call that respect?

I don’t trust people who operate this way, who try to convince you that cold hard facts implying their guilt shouldn’t be believed. They say you should wait for more information to ‘come out’ and drastically change your perceptions about the situation at hand. What else is there to say about this? Either you have proof of your status as invited guests or you don’t.  Our Secret Service has been made to look like a fumbling night watchman’s service, which cannot even keep tacky gate crashers from touching the president. For goodness sake! This stunt the Salahis pulled just showed the whole world how vulnerable our president and first lady are to personal attacks.

So for the Salahis to get on TV and complain that their lives have been devastated and destroyed by all the rumors is grotesque. Here’s my opinion: They should stop thinking about themselves, their chances of appearing on “Real Housewives of D.C.” and how their memory of the night at the White  House has been ruined. Think about how worried Michelle Obama might be for the safety of her husband and her daughters. You can be sure that social secretary Desiree Rogers is in the hot seat, and that someone in the Secret Service will lose their job and see their reputation damaged after all this. Instead of letting their alliterate publicist foul up the media outlets with her ghastly written responses, have the elegance and breeding to prove your point silently and stop mugging for the cameras. This is a matter of our president’s safety, not your personal photo opportunity

Normally, I would embed a video or post a link to the source material related to my blog, but I don’t want to perpetuate this story too much on the Latte Cafe. And I think that Americans need to stop being so hung up on attaining fame and notoriety that we give air time to rude, classless people who came into the public light for this egregious form of trespassing.