New Policy

OK, I had to let off a bit of steam concerning that knuckle head who calls himself mayor of Detroit. (You can read the last post to see why I’m miffed.) 

I’ve decided to cheer the place up a little, kind of like a nursery for a new baby. Nothing elaborate, just updates from time to time about how Baby Silk is developing what level of Heaven I’m on to be pregnant. 

First, I’ll say that Baby Silk likes lunchtime. For whatever reason, and there might not be a particular one, the baby gets excited and likes to move around, stretch and what have you between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. These days, though, meaning my 29th week of pregnancy, Baby Silk likes to keep this sort of schedule: 

7 a.m.: Good morning, Mommy. Can you go to the bathroom, please? 

8 a.m.: Mommy, before you leave for the train, can you please go to the bathroom?

9:30 a.m.: Nice office, Mommy. Where’s the bathroom? 

10 a.m.: Mommy, can we have some orange juice? Mmmm, thanks. 

11 a.m.: Mommy, can I snuggle up under your belly? Ahhh, that’s great. 

1 p.m.: Mommy, what about lunch? Gourmet mac -n- cheese? Jambalaya? 

2 p.m.: Mommy, can I have a snack? Maybe one of the clementines from home. 

5 p.m.: Mommy, I want to move under your ribs now. OK, that’s fine. Carry on. 

7 p.m.: Mommy, we have to go, we have to go, we have to go!  Bathroom!  

10 p.m.: OK, mommy. How about a glass of water? 

2 a.m.: HI MOMMY!  I can roll around! Look!  

What can I say? I’m snookered.