They Are Still Into Each Other??

This website certainly is not a defacto “Momma’s Boys” recap site, but given some of the interesting twists that the show is taking, I thought I’d continue to keep you up to date. 

So the romance between Rob and Camilla continues. He selected her to go to the U.S. Virgin Islands, while his mom — playing the matchmaker — keeps on pushing the issue with Lauren. I haven’t actually seen the episode whose highlights I’m now relating to you: I just gleaned what I could from the NBC Web site, which is not very well done, I might add. Anyway, I think that the Rob & Camilla story line will end up with him choosing Camilla, and them breaking up after three or four months, once they realize that without all the contrivances of a major network, real love in real life can be very challenging. Let’s not forget that Camilla will never win over Rob’s mother — Esther feels that it is extremely important to continue the religious lineage, and no matter how much Camilla learns about Judaism, she will never be authentically Jewish and raise her grandkids in a way that faithfully carries on their traditions.

As for the other two? Michael does not impress me at all. He obviously came on this show to make out with as many surgically enhanced, bottle-blonde tarts as he possibly could. And poor Jojo Bojanowski. No matter the outcome of this show, his romantic life will be a struggle. He will have to confront his mother at some point about the way she constantly interferes with his efforts to find the perfect woman. Get it through your head Mrs. B: YOU are not the perfect woman for your son!    

But like I said, there is entertainment value in this show — even if it is to shake one’s head.


2 thoughts on “They Are Still Into Each Other??

  1. I think Mrs. Bojanowski off the mama’s boy reality show is in love with her own son jojo. I think her love for him goes way beyond the motherly kind. Any woman would be crazy to get tangled in that mess. Its sick! Just sick

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