Have You Been Watching?

I’ve got to make this one quick, folks. Baby is latched on to my left side and I’ve got a shepherd’s pie heating in the oven. My latest guilty pleasure, NBC’c “Momma’s Boys”, took a couple of interesting turns in as many weeks.
Jojo stood up to his mother twice: last week he chose an Africa-American woman, Misty, for his daylong date, an interesting twist considering his mother;s outrageous ideas on interracial dating. That event was capped off with a steamy kissing session in a hot tub.This week he chose a fairly wholesome-seeming Southern blonde who should fit Mrs. B’s description of a suitable daughter-in law, unless Mrs. B happens to be crazy.
Meanwhile, Robb and Camilla seem to be getting along very well. Their relationship just might beat the odds of these reality/exhibition/dating shows and last until the next equinox or solstice! 

We know how these things turn out, but maybe we can suspend disbelief and enjoy the ride for 40 minutes a week.


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