Mellody and George Welcome ‘Everest’

mellody_hobson_h_2013The news keeps getting better for George Lucas and Mellody Hobson, who welcomed their biological daughter via a surrogate last Friday. She’s named Everest Hobson Lucas, according to news reports.

Mellody herself received warm congratulations about her daughter’s birth during her appearance on “CBS This Morning.”  The part about the baby is at the end. I can’t wait to see photos, but knowing the Hobson-Lucases, who released only spare details about their discreet wedding (my favorite) we’ll get nary a glimpse of the little angel, who probably has her mama’s adorable smile.

I just think it’s wonderful that a guy who was probably done with raising kids loved his wife so much that he agreed to go ahead and dive in to fatherhood again for a young one, to make their family what they wanted it to be. God bless ’em.  Long happy life to all!  (Oh, and ignore all the milksop alarmists who will write snively comments on celebrity gossip sites about the longevity of the parents and who will be there for little Everest. In any case, George has three adult kids who could step in if need be.)

By the way, Mellody’s segment was largely about the pay gap among male and female top executives. I say cut the guys’ pay, because executive compensation is probably a little over the top across the board, and people have been complaining about it for years. But that’s just the influence of my New York Times-reading populist husband.


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