Sister 2 Sister: The Interracial Love Issue

Today I was rushing through the train station on the way home when I stopped to briefly scan the stacks of a small newsstand. The April issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine was still there, and you can still get a copy. The publishers might as well call this the interracial love issue. There are no less than four articles touching on interracial dating for Black women in some way.

• Trina Braxton is featured talking about her recent marital struggles, as documented on the hit reality show “Braxton Family Values.” Trina’s husband Gabe is Mexican, as viewers know. And they’ve been struggling lately with infidelity and indiscretion issues, apparently on both sides. When the article came out, Trina said they were separated, but on a recently aired episode, she told her sisters and mother at dinner that she had filed for divorce. (At which point Tamar Braxton broke out into a praise dance. SMH.) So sad for Trina and Gabe! They make a cute couple, and I guess I hope that they find healing and peace, whatever they decide.

• Melody Hobson, the brainy, money savvy lady with her pretty smile, talks about her approach to money management and her professional life. She also discusses being in an interracial relationship with Hollywood heavyweight George Lucas.

• Ice-T—yes him—dishes out refreshing straight talk to Black women about interracial dating. Basically, he says it comes down tot he numbers. Black men have been crossing over romantically for years, and attract women from every culture, every corner of the earth. The dating pool for black women, therefore, is diminished. If black women insist that only a black man can meet their ideas of happiness in a romantic partner, they’ll lose out. Simple as that; do the math and move on.

• Speaking of black women closing themselves off from cross-cultural dating, there was a very brief passing reference to that in a feature on Whitney Houston. It was basically a reprint of an article that originally appeared in July 2004. In it, Whitney expressed the very interesting notion that she was expected, as America’s sweetheart, to marry interracially. She said she didn’t want to go the route of Diahann Carroll or Diana Ross, because her heart was with Bobby Brown. Well, we know how that turned out. Her problems were deep. But who knows? A different husband (ahem, tribute speech) might have written a different outcome for her, provided he was a suppportive, strong and decent guy, regardless of his race.

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