No, He’s Not a Stalker

alexanders2.jpgThat man behind the shrub is Michael Alexander and he’s peeking at his lovely wife Bianca. They operate a company called Planet Media Inc., which puts on a weekly television program about environmentally conscious living, plus does planning and consulting work for “green” events. They were featured in an April 2008 feature story in Black Enterprise, about conservation-themed black businesses. Bianca appeared on the cover solo 😦 , but at least her hubby joined her for this beautiful inside picture. (I tried and tried, but I could not resize it any better than this.)

Anyway, the Alexanders are just a sampling of the freshest crop of black folk in the media taking a serious look at environmental issues.  I remember that the character Freddie from the college sitcom “A Different World” was the first black character who was passionate about ‘environmentalism’ ( a relatively new term back then) and other of-the-grid issues. Nowadays, it seems that every sistah and her momma have some understanding, even if it is basic, of the importance of recycling, conserving energy, etc. Even this prime time spitfire, Marshanna from The Bachelor was Miss Earth New York 2007! It’s the first I’ve heard of a green pageant queen. And of course, there is a purpose for singling out Marshanna on this blog.  She’s supposedly still in the running to get a rose from the latest bachelor.  Actually, I hope she’s not the one that the newest bachelor picks at the finale.  This show is cursed and I’m convinced that none of the guys appear on this show to find a wife. They just want to live out their fantasies of having a harem at their disposal. All of the couples—at least the ones where the man does the picking—either break up or fail to get to the altar in a reasonable amount of time. I would not like to see any sister suffer that kind of heartbreak in the national spotlight.

Finally, I want to try to explain why I disappeared for such a long time. Ever since February I’ve been SLAMMED with fatigue. I mean it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Just can’t get enough sleep. Between that and the other odd symptoms, like nausea, tender swollen boobage, and strange cravings, I think it’s high time I got solid confirmation of what I think is going on here. If there’s any news from the bakery, or our family is expanding, I’ll discuss it in due time.  (Someone put the brakes on the puns!!)


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