Views from Across the Pond

I’ve always thought that British society was far ahead more sophisticated than ours in its acceptance of interracial relationships. In a small way, I’ve seen this in my own family. Two female cousins, who are sisters, are both married to white men. One of their other sisters dated white men, and they’ve often talked about how IRs are so common, that people scarcely turn their heads to look at those pairings anymore.
Yet it seems like for every bit of social progress we make, there are lingering attitudes and pesky issues that need to be pruned away. For instance, MaMaButterfly2007 mentioned that her mother discouraged her and her sister from getting involved with white men. Could that have been because her mom blamed their cultural/ethnic differences as the cause of their nuptial unhappiness and eventual breakup? That wouldn’t seem likely, because MaMaButterfly2007 mentioned that her father went on to remarry a different black woman, and that they remained married (up until the date of the video). At any rate, I thought MaMaButterfly’s testimonial was interesting, because she mentions several observations about IR pairings that were interesting.

This video clip runs about five minutes.


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