Yes, We Can! Yes, I did!

I know that Super Tuesday has long past, but I’m still excited by Illinois Senator Barack Obama’s amazing performance in the February 5 primaries.  When we have a strong field of candidates that prod people to tune into intellectual debates about the future of our country, the fatigue is worth it. When an electorate shatters turnout records, especially one that has previously been described as apathetic, it makes the race all the more worthwhile. Barack Obama is inspiring for so many reasons, which I’ll detail later. He is a wonderful combination of intelligence, seasoning and sound judgement. I am hoping and praying (and nagging my cousins to get out and vote!) that this country wakes up, does itself a huge favor and embraces the future with him as our leader.

I just wish I had the time to post my thoughts and excitement during Super, Big Fat, Mega Tuesday. Alas, I have a demanding full-time job, another full-time job at home, and I have plenty of professional pundits out there to compete for your attention and give you much fuller and better analysis.  Anyway, I know this race must be exhausting for the Obama’s but it’s worth it! In the meantime, enjoy this video. And don’t say I never gave you anything!


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