She Ain’t Scuurd

Nia Long is a cool actress, in my opinion. She comes across as polished and accessible. And her expressive eyebrows add loads of character to an already beautiful face. Long is no stranger to interracial love story lines. She was Ted Danson’s and Whoppi Goldberg’s possible daughter in “Made in America”; Colin Firth’s leading lady in the indie “The Secret Laughter of Women”; and Jude Law succumbed to her charms in “Alfie.”In her latest gig, Long plays Katie on the ABC drama “Big Shots”, and at the moment, Katie is the object of James’ affections, as portrayed by Michael Vartan. This episode builds up to a long awaited kiss between the characters. I think the episode is old, but it nicely displays the easy, flirty dynamic of their relationship. The script and storyline do not make an issue of Katie’s ethnicity, which is refreshing in a way. But why are the writers avoiding the obvious? One outstanding question that this episode doesn’t get into: why is a total package like Katie having such a hard time finding a great guy to spend her time with? The script is a tad trite, which means they’ll probably break up at least once before the season is out. I try not to think too hard when I watch shows like “Big Shots”. It is quite enough to watch slick yuppies like Katie and James make eyes at each other and engage in raillery while strutting around Manhattan in designer clothes!This video runs 5 1/2 minutes.


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