Share of the Week: The 25 Minute Co-Wash and Detangling Technique

Those of you naturalistas, particularly women with naturally curly and coily hair longer than a short afro are probably familiar with the travails of co-washing and detangling your tresses. Women who are unfamiliar with the natural hair game (like WaterLily76) might be wondering ‘What’s the big deal? It’s only hair.’ But we know the process can actually take hours to complete. Densely cropped and tightly curled Black hair has to be handled very delicately to avoid ripping, but all of that extra care can result in hours eaten up during the process. Hence, alerting all your friends that your are off limits on Wednesday or Thursday evening because it’s a “hair evening.”

It sounds horribly daunting, and I feel badly for those of you who are on hair growth challenges. I simply lack the patience or interest to make a decided effort to grow my hair longer than four inches. Luckily, brilliant natural hair vlogger Whitney White, who posts on YouTube under the handle “Naptural85,” shared a technique for co-washing and detangling natural hair in 25 minutes. It might sound incredible, but she pulls it off, and she posted a video (below) documenting the process.

The vlog is cropping up all over the Web, thanks to her various social media outlets. Other vloggers are making response videos to adapt her technique to their hair types and to profusely thank her for revolutionizing their hair care regimes.

This all sounds very revolutionary, but I will probably never get the full benefit of Naptual85’s development. Unlike a lot of other women who wear natural hair, I have no particular length goals, and I’m not in the least bit motivated to document my hair journey, such as it is. In any case, if I had the kind of hair that grew quickly and retained length easily, I would try all kinds of different hair cuts. Bob cuts, pixie cuts, bog ‘fros, page boys — well, maybe not the page boy. You get my point, though, right? I wouldn’t maintain the same side part twist out that I see every where. I would have to change it up.

Well, Naptural85 has certainly changed things up for naturalistas everywhere. She gets our thanks!


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