Share of the Week: JoStylin’ Is Back!! And Married and Living in Turkey

So while browsing the Web, I became reacquainted with Joanna, a Nigerian natural hair and fashion vlogger under the channel name JoStylin. A while ago she stopped blogging, because she said she felt she had exhausted the topics she was interested in covering about natural hair care.

But she’s back now, married to her boyfriend, and living in a beautiful town called Alanya. They have an apartment in what looks like an upscale neighborhood with fashionable shops and unique restaurants, all within a leisurely walking distance to the beach. It’s exactly where a young couple pre-children should live!

Anyway, here is an update from Joanna. I was salivating over their lunches at the restaurant — right on the beach, of course. What a life. Keep those blogs coming, JoStylin’.


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