Halle and Olivier!!!

Joy bells are ringing over the French courtside–our were–after Halle Berry married her beau Oliver Martinez last weekend.

The entertainment reporters gave a beautiful, though spare, description of the ceremony.

The Hollywood stars tied the knot at the Chateau des Conde, a Renaissance chateau in the Burgundy countryside, about one hour outside Paris. The ceremony was brief, performed by the local mayor, and attended by close family and friends.

(I won’t post links to external stories, because some of the comments have been tacky and rude.)

Warm congratulations are definitely in order for them. I know, I was skeptical about this cat at first. But he seems to be bringing Halle good things.

Wish them all the best, and their two kids, who seem to be well cared for.

On that note, let the miserable, carping harridans — who have no personal stake in Halle’s life — be silent.

Note: I posted from my phone while commuting, so getting a photo in was a challenge.  I’ll try again this evening.

Update: After hunting around to find a couple of decent photos from Halle’s wedding, I decided to give up. In any case, you’ve probably already seen all that will be released. She wanted something without paparazzi intrusion, it’s what she was entiteld to, and that’s what she got. I rather like this idea of discreet, tasteful and elegant celebrity weddings, and photos released after the fact. I hope more starlets follow the example of Halle and Mellody when they get married.


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