Mama Halle 2.0

It’s time to send warm congratulations to actress Halle Berry once again, because she is pregnant with her second child. She and her fiance Olivier Martinez announced the news over the weekend,  and could welcome their baby in October.

I remember reading about Berry’s first pregnancy with intense interest several years ago, partially because our daughters are born in the same year, about six months apart.

We were both having our first kids, we were in the same age group (and still are), and we pretty much worked throughout carrying, so I felt like we had just a couple of experiences in common. I also liked the way she articulated the advantages of mature motherhood, and that Mother Nature really got it backwards. Our fertility should increase as we mature, not drop off!

Well, I definitely rooted for a safe pregnancy and delivery for her. As Nahla grew up and her parents separated, I wondered if Nahla would be it for Halle. Now Nahla will have a sibling, and Halle will have the bigger family that she wanted.

Certainly I wish I had a second pregnancy to track along with Ms. Berry’s this time. But who knows? I’m still younger than Ms. Berry, so hopefully,  there’s still time for me to get pregnant again and compare pregnancy notes!


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