Trimming Baby’s Ends

I trimmed Baby’s hair a few weeks ago, because her ends were getting rough and they seemed to be splitting. Here’s how I did it.

Stretch & Smoothimage

After detangling, I smooth each section between my fingers, feeling for rough ends.


Once I feel the rough, split ends I know where to snip.


I'll divide this into two smaller sections.


It is not as bad as it looks. Her hair will grow in as quickly as she does! The locks near the bottom of the picture look browner because they were dry when I snipped. Never again.


'I'll take it from here, Mommy. '


The tools. A pair of shears from a beauty supply store; a pin-tail comb; brush for gentle detangling; Shea butter cream and water to mist and moisturize each section.


What do think? Let's hear it!

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