Racing Around in Red

A cute and durable style for a mom and toddler on the go.

Here is a quick, working-mom style that I put into Baby’s hair a few weeks ago. I did the two cornrows near her temples, not too tight, and secured the ends with small rubber bands moistened with coconut oil. That pretty much left the rest of her hair in pre-parted sections. For the rest of the week, all I did was put twists or plaits into the large sections at night. In the mornings I swept them into ponytails with a Goody rubber-based styling brush. I secured them with ponytail holders, and changed the colors to match her outfit everyday. If we had extra time in the morning (often we didn’t) I twisted the ponytail ends and clipped them into little barrettes. Now I’ve accepted the fact that I have to twists the ends, otherwise they will frizz and split, maybe lead to breakage. So that means getting up 15 extra minutes in the morning to do everything right. Hey, I wanted a girl, and I sure got one! LOL.

Baby’s hair is coming along really well, as you can see. No more of the drastic shedding and thinning that used to drive Hubby and me nuts. Her hair type probably in the 3 range—although she is still very young—has adapted really well to the routine of shea butter and high-grade natural oils I started last year. I mainly use Curly Q products and Cantu’s daily shea butter moisturizing oil, but with a light hand.  I’ll detail my list of products in another post.

Now, that doesn’t mean I spend a lot of time styling her hair. I can’t. I have a demanding full-time job and a long commute just about every day. Baby’s styles have to be cute and quick. I focus more on putting small plaits (or platts, as Jamaicans say it), twists, or bantu knots (chiney bumps) into her hair to get a pretty curl the next day.


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