Crimson Hearts

It’s been a while since I’ve posted wedding announcements, which I can only chalk up to too much time spent updating old high school and neighborhood friends on Facebook. I might as well reestablish the practice by talking about Audrey and Trevor. I don’t know much about these people, except for what I’ve read in today’s Style section of The New York Times. They seem to be very lucky to have found each other. She’s pretty and brainy, while he’s inventive and not bad on the eyes either. They both love the arts. It all works! It’s not surprising that these two made a love connection at Harvard. As many of you have pointed out, interracial romances often happen among people who are educated, a bit more worldly and open-minded, and are therefore much less likely to agonize about following their hearts outside of their own cultures. I might have one tiny objection to this union, though. Aside from good looks, intellect and the inside track for admission to Harvard, their children will have killer dimples. Those are three insurmountable advantages over other kids! Oh well, what’s done is beautifully done. In any case, I hope Audrey and Trevor have many happy decades together. Cheers, guys!


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