Taming the Leppard

Phil Collen, lead guitarist for the legendard rock band Def Leppard, got married (again) recently. The New York Times has the skinny on how he met and became enchanted with Helen Simmons. I’d like to think he searched the world until he found the one woman to spend the rest of his life with. Helen seemed to be smitten, too.

Mr. Collen, a follower of Sant Mat, an Eastern philosophy, said his attraction to Ms. Simmons was instant and undeniable. “Sant Mat teaches that we are all connected by the same energy,” he said. “It was like we had known each other for years, but had to wait until that time to meet.” He added, “You don’t question what was meant to be.”

Their communication is effortless, Mr. Collen said. “I haven’t talked to anybody that easily since Steve.” He was referring to the Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark, who died in 1991 from alcoholism and drug addiction and who had been Mr. Collen’s other half when they were known as the Terror Twins.

Ms. Simmons, too, finds something mystical in their match. “When I was younger, I imagined the kind of man I could love,” she said. “I couldn’t see his face or hear his voice, but I felt his essence.

“I’ve never been in love, but I always knew how it would feel,” she said. “And this is how it feels.”

Ms. Simmons said something in the Times’ story that was very interesting and which will make a topic for a future post. She adopted a vegetarian diet and abandoned alcohol, so her lifestyle would align closely with her future husband’s. She said: “I believe a wife should be a true complement to her husband, that their lifestyles should be as close to each other’s as possible.” Black women marry men outside their race because they have enough in common to make an attempt at building a life and raising a family together. It is simple and complicated at the same time, but it is the truth.

Meanwhile, wish them all the best!


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