Time for the Tiffany Registry!

I don’t know if Zoe Saldana, the cute blue chick from Avatar, and the young Nytoya Uhura from the latest Star Trek, is a fan of Tiffany’s signature robin’s egg blue, but well wishers might soon be sending her boxes from that store. She recently got engaged to Keith Britton, her boyfriend of 10 years, who is CEO of My Fashion Database. Apparently, Ms. Saldana, who, by the way, is a fellow ‘Jersey girl’ like yours truly, is very low key about her personal life. But in this appropriately concise piece about her news, she did speak frankly—as women from the Garden State are known to do—about how they’ve functioned as a couple for so long.

Whew! By Hollywood standards, they’ve already lasted longer than most marriages. If they can keep a courtship going that long through their 20s, and under the glare of super superficial Hollywood, let’s hope it’s a sign that their marriage will have the same exceptional staying power.

Many, many best wishes to them.


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