One Test We Cannot Afford to Fail

Ever since I got the typical trappings of middle-class, married life—the house, the cars and the kids—I’ve been more pre-occupied with money. How do I acquire enough of it to live comfortably while giving to charity, saving for various future expenses and investing? Apparently, there is a trade group out there that is interested in how much Americans know about money, and whether we are savvy enough to make the right moves concerning our finances. Judging by the results of their survey, we are way too ignorant on this subject. Read ’em and weep, folks.

Although the survey pool was controlled to represent all demographics in the United States, it got me to thinking about Black women in particular. More than any other group, I think, we need to be sharp about money matters. Most of us are single, and are raising children, too. Who’s going to be there to ensure that we enjoy comfortable and dignified retirement years?  I don’t know the answer to that. But I do know that before we can each craft our individual plans for the future, we need to know where we currently stand.

Americans Nearly Flunk Financial Literacy Test – FOXBusinesscom

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