OK, You Can Have a Peek

happy-feetNormally, I wouldn’t consider putting a photo of Baby on this blog. It’s too soon to put her on display so publicly. And Hubby would get upset. But a picture of nondescript little feet during sponge bath time might be OK, I think. 

I was fortunate to get this picture. Early on, Baby detested diaper changes and bath times, and protested vehemently. She howled. Her arms flailed and pin-wheeled. She arched her back and thrashed around to escape. It seemed like all she wanted to do was sleep and eat. Actually, in her first four weeks, that probably is all that she ever wanted to do. 

Nowadays, Baby loves diaper time. And gym time on her activity mat. And time in her swing, and everything that she does at the baby sitter’s place. As for bath times, she is getting used to it more and more. Why just last week, I believe she gave me a half smile while I washed her tummy!

When people see her from time to time, they remark about how ‘big’ she is, and I am usually taken aback. Big? But she can still fit on my lap and in my arms.

circle-bassinet3And then a week and a half ago, when some of her teeny adorable outfits no longer fit comfortably, I began to understand what they meant. I took a second look at my daughter (my daughter!!!) and noticed that she was plumper and longer. Her body had more heft. I had to adjust her Bjorn carrier, and her feet began to protrude from the edge of her car seat. She has almost outgrown her bassinet, which means she’ll have to sleep in her comfy crib in her nursery overnight — away from us! This morning she drank an ounce of pear juice, and the doctor says I can start her on rice cereal tomorrow. Little Baby is growing. Next thing you know, I wailed to a co-worker via email, she’ll scramble out of my arms, into a car and off to college.  I get so sentimental at these thoughts that I almost cry. It’s silly I know. But the thought of her growing up and going away one day just chokes me up. 

Oh well. Those events are years and years away. In the meantime, there are solid foods, scrapes and cuts to be washed, torn clothes to be mended, school plays, homework drama, the Dark Years of tween and teen drama and finally high school graduation. 

My daughter is growing. But for now, she still can’t roll over, so I get to enjoy her little laughs and massive smiles and she gets her daily dose of one hundred kisses.


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