It Was a Very Good Day

stvalentine-bouquet2Ladies and gentlemen gather ’round, gather ’round. This is a first-time event in the history of my relationship with Hubby. Red roses on St. Valentine’s Day! What a treat. I think I’ve mentioned before that Hubby doesn’t go for lots of fluff or marketing-driven pursuits like St. Valentine’s Day. This year was an exception, at least in terms of the flowers. In past years, Hubby has gotten me, for St. Valentine’s Day, fantastic gifts like a leather jacket, a Motorola Razr and nice dinners out. Hubby is not a superficial person. Nor is he a spendthrift or sugar daddy, so these gifts sort of underscored how he feels about me. It’s nice to know that he’d stretch himself past his curmudgeonly parameters to get me colorful, fun gifts on such a holiday.

For singletons, there are other major signs that a guy is into you. Perhaps playing off of the feature film “He’s Just Not That Into You” and St. Valentine’s Day, the editors of Betty Confidential dropped this fun list into my mailbox. Sending the opposite message as the one in the film and book, it gives women six telltale signs that a guy is interested. Whether it is scientific or not, I cannot tell, but #2 made me laugh!  I knew Hubby was serious about me when set aside his abhorrence for national retail monoliths and willingly came along with me to Target. And Costco!  The list makes for fun reading — so enjoy!

And Happy belated Valentine’s Day!


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