Can’t Let it Go

I’ve waited for what seems like a long while to talk about the latest circuses going on with the DNC and RNC. I want to first say that Michelle Obama’s speech almost had me in tears a couple of times. She really adored her dad, didn’t she? 

Obama, of course, was brilliant, and it wasn’t because he gave a great speech. Much of what he aims for is attainable, with the right blend of straightforward governance and bipartisan cooperation. Plus, he held ordinary Americans partially responsible for the housing market predicament that we are in right now.

But let me get to my main point in this blog: What is the difference between a ‘reformer’ and someone who is too inexperienced to govern in Washington? Apparently, it all depends on whether you’re a manipulating Republican spinmeister or whether you’re a gullible American voter willing to fall for that garbage.

It burns me up that the Republicans try to get away with taking jabs at Obama for being an inexperienced Congressional legislator. Yet they wave that obvious token, that gun-toting ‘hockey mom’ in front of American voters and call her a ‘reformer’, who is ready to take on the special interests and the self-serving elites of Washington.

Please, America, brush aside all the snarky remarks about Obama’s inexperience in Palin’s speech and ask yourself: if Beltway experience is SUCH A MAJOR ISSUE, then why is she on the Republican ticket? Oh, I forgot. Bitter bimbos like me, disappointed that Hillary didn’t get the Democratic nomination, are supposed to suspend logic, abandon our political philosophies and vote for whichever candidate put a girl on their ticket. 

Problem solved. 

Oh, wait. There is the small matter of Bristol Palin, who found herself in the same position as millions of other girls in this country — knocked up for no good reason. I suppose I admire Obama for taking that whole issue off the table. I however, don’t have as much class as he does, and I’ve got a few things to say about that, too. 

First of all, the Republicans are the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES in the world for asking Americans to simply move past this issue. I won’t. I remember all too clearly the way that black (and Latino, too, but to a lesser extent) women were relentlessly demonized for being single mothers. It was all our fault that the country’s ‘family values’ had gone down the toilet. Apparently, we were the ones, each with our litter of welfare-dependent children, that were degrading the sanctity of family in the good old U.S.A. I was in my young adolescent years when this trash was being peddled on the American public. Later on, it wasn’t fun realizing that as a black woman from New Jersey, it was very likely that more of my federal taxes were being diverted to white welfare mothers in Nebraska and a bunch of other GOP-loyal states than were coming back to my state for my purposes. 

And NOW the GOP waves this unmarried teenage mama, who happens to be white, Republican and very well connected, in my face and I’m supposed to just call a truce and move on?!?! Just because she and her barely-out-of-high-school boyfriend are holding hands for the camera and making shotgun wedding plans?

In my twenties, both in college and out, some white guys thought nothing of hitting on me RELENTLESSLY, like it was a game. Maybe it was just typical male buffoonish behavior.  But then there was one dude who kept asking me OUT LOUD to do all sorts of crazy, dirty things (like, a week after we met) and it’s probably partially due to the beating that black women’s reputations took in the 80s and 90s. And I’ve heard many stories from my black female peers too; white men of almost every stripe would hit on them, expecting them to be a sure thing. I’m sure this kind of stuff goes on with women of every other nationality and ethnicity, too, but you can’t tell me that this overtly trashy behavior wasn’t implicitly made OK — by BET and the GOP. 

And yes, I know I just recently complained about too many black girls having their dreams deferred my unplanned pregnancies. My overarching point is that during this election, a farce is going to be passed over on the American public, and when all is said and done, there will still be a double standard for moral rightness, for ‘family values’.

Ugh. Would EVERYONE please keep their houses in order, and after you’ve done so, shut the door and stop calling out your neighbors for what they’re doing?


1 thought on “Can’t Let it Go

  1. I also don’t understand how were are not supposed to notice or at least be allowed to have an opinion about Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter being pregnant and unmarried either. I am now just thinking back to Jamie Lynn Spears who set off a huge controversy less than one year ago because she was 16 and pregnant. I know she had a TV show, but in my opinion it completely pales in comparison to her mother running for a nationwide political office. I would think that the Vice President of the U.S. is a much bigger role model for young women/girls than some TV show that would have probably been cancelled or ended in a couple of years anyway.

    So many people demonized her parents in particular her mother because of it, but now we are should simply ignore that a political candidate’s daughter is pregnant at 17. I’m not saying that the Spears family is perfect, but why such a big uproar over Jamie Lynn and a complete bash fest of the Spears family in general, but not Sarah Palin and Bristol? The Republicans have such huge double standards….always have and always will.

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