Is This a Mirage or What?

I have never studied psychology (although in my family, the practice could prove itself to be quite useful), so I’m not sure if what I’m about to describe has been codified or not. Lately, I’ve been seeing more BW/WM or WM/non-black male couples in the street, and I’m wondering if it’s because I’m more aware of the subject because I talk about it on this blog. If anyone has made a study of this sort of thing and can come up with a name for ‘invoking examples of a reality after discussing the topic’, then I’d like to know. I wonder if this is happening because these couplings are becoming more frequent, or because I’ve noticed it more. If it’s the former, then a sociologist might find that interesting. If it’s the latter, then maybe it’s happening because I’m blogging about the subject. (Almost like the time I caught a caucasian then-boyfriend looking as Asian porn Web sites and gave him a really hard time about it. After that, it seemed to me like the city’s streets were strewn with white guys who were either hand holding, married to or burbing babies with Asian women — or looking to do so.) 

These couples are not doing anything special. They are just waiting on subway platforms or navigating dense rush-hour crowds in downtown Manhattan. Or angling their digital cameras through holes in the fence surrounding the WTC construction site, as their biracial kids waiting patiently in their strollers. I will say that I noticed these folks during particularly hot days, when the Northeast was in the grip of an icky heat wave. So, it could all just have been a series of heat-induced hallucinations.









1 thought on “Is This a Mirage or What?

  1. In Uk, when I went out to City, I have noticed a lot of WM/BW couples with children. I do see that WM/AW couples, but I too wonder, if they were always there, but because I am more open to it, I see it more. Interesting thread.

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