Root for Kaia & Thomas!!

After figuring out that I needn’t actually watch reality TV shows to know what happens (just catch the replays on YouTube or eavesdrop among the honeybees at the office), I haven’t seen an episode of a reality show in years. That might change after tonight. I just glimpsed a preview of an upcoming episode of “Here Come the Newlyweds” and this cute couple caught my eye.


Kaia and Thomas Jacobi hail from Washington, D.C., and they are newlyweds. Read about them here.

I hope they win this contest and snag a beautiful house somewhere in Georgetown, Dupont Circle or any one of D.C.’s other great neighborhoods. Maybe they’ll be adventurous and settle in Adams Morgan. With its gor-geous brownstones, walkability and selection of restaurants, Washington, D.C. is definitely one of my favorite cities to visit.

I am feeling ABC these days. Shonda Rhimes, producer of the hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” is a black woman, plus there are interracial romances (all involving black women) on the following hit programs: “LOST”, with Rose & Bernard; “Big Shots”, features Katie & James; and the ABC Family network has “Lincoln Heights”, with a couple of high schoolers whose names I cannot remember right now. (Hey, I don’t have cable, so I can’t keep track!) I’m sure that several daytime soaps have features these kinds of storylines, too, but I never keep track of daytime soaps.

This is a refreshing spurt of programming on ABC. How nice it is to see them acknowledge this emerging pattern in American society. I also love the fact that they write the stories without the level of preachy, didactic dialogue that can sometimes drag down love stories. I also realize that this might not assuage some of the annoyance that I’ve seen and heard others express over how networks seem to treat beautiful black women like they are invisible, and rarely put their characters to work in entertaining, classy situations.

Leave the clicker on ABC for a day or so, and you’ll see what I mean. Now, I don’t expect the network to flood the airwaves with love stories between black women and men outside their race, but if they continue a this pace, we’ll have to call it ABC, the Ascendant Black Channel.

No? OK, moving on, then.


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