Hair-Raising Adventures

Check out the picture on the PDF below. Doesn’t it warm your heart? Just two little girls chillin’ out on a sunny afternoon, letting the wind sweep through their manes of curly, curly hair. If I remember correctly, it was part of a Polo Ralph Lauren spread in a magazine aimed at homemakers. What struck me was the sheer volume of hair on each girl. Jamaicans would say of each one: “She have ‘nuf hair!” How do their moms keep their hair so healthy and lustrous-looking?


This brings me to a Web site that I heard about through a publicist who set up a midday interview with me and some of her clients. Shortly after returning to the office after wrapping that meeting, I noticed an email from her and she included a link to a Web site called NaturallyCurly. She figured I might like some of the articles about maintaining textured, naturally curly hair. It’s not a Web site that caters exclusively to black women, or women raising biracial children like the girls in the picture above, although it certainly includes us. It’s for black, Latino, white women and any other woman looking for tips on how to care for and style curly hair.
It took me a while to get into it at first, because I’ve taken everal wrong turns trying to manage my thick spongy hair. But after checking the site regularly, and trying some of their product selections, (Shea butter is excellent, by the way) I find it to be very helpful. It’s also good because the it gives you options for styling black hair or provides links to other sites that do the same. I mean, not every black woman who goes natural wants to wear dreadlocks, OK? Today I found a couple of posted articles about Diane Da Costa, a beautician who specializes in hair with curly and coiled textures. Da Costa’s scheduled to make an appearance in New York on one of her promotional tours. Maybe I’ll find the time to stop in.


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