The Jupita ‘Ship’ Is On the Move Again

Lupita Nyong’o, one of my favorite actresses, and Jared Leto kept the gossip mills churning last year with their flirtatious companionship during last year’s long awards and red carpet season.

Well, the favorite would-be couple of many an entertainment reporter is back, and they are sending hearts and Twitter aflutter again with their chemistry and suggestive gestures.

Peep the coverage from entertainment publications like E! Online.

The whole thing had women pleading for little brown babies, hopefully with his Jordan Catalano eyes and her flawless skin.

I agree that Lupita is a catch. Any eligible man on the lookout for a wife or serious girlfriend has probably considered her, or been turned back by her bodyguards and staff in pursuit of her. And Jared is good-looking, fun (by all accounts) close with family and he is a respected actor and accomplished musician. Lots of material here for a good matchup (even with the 11- or 12-year age difference).

So it looks like Americans are at the point where hateful bashers are not the only ones putting in their two cents about Black women dating and marrying out. Now a lot of people ‘ship’ match-ups like this, whether the people in question are fictional characters, like Sleepy Hollow’s “Ichabbie,” or real-life folks like Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner (up until 2012, I had no idea people wished couplehood for them). The point is that misogynists in the Black community, their handmaidens, and other hateful bashers no longer control the story. Some people are actually seeing that White men are capable of being smitten by Black women, and don’t exclusively see them as throw-away fetishes. Not only are Black women deserving of healthy, nurturing relationships, but Black men are not the exclusive source of that happiness. They have real competition from men outside our race.

After a year of merely flirting like college kids, I’m convinced now that Jared and Lupita are just good friends, and are having a good time toying with observers. Let’s enjoy it for the awards show eye candy that it is, and go back to our daily lives.

TNT's 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Show


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